May 11, 2017 AUTHOR: Wonderlab
VR Photography for Social Media Storytelling? Easy-peasy.

QooCam 360º

We’ve been experimenting with VR Photography in social media marketing for a wee bit now. It’s a fascinating space no doubt. But many people think it takes some specialist camera equipment to harness this level of interactivity. Not any more. A proliferation of technology, a rush to VR, and online platforms that can actually serve the content to social media, have changed the landscape.
With cheap-ish and affordable camera’s coming from all sorts of makers, this tech is definitely ‘here now’. From GoPro’s Fusion to KanDao’s VR QooCam to Richo’s Theta V, this technology is becoming readily available.
And most of it is pretty good.
Panono 360º 8K Camera

Panono 360º 8K Camera

Below are a couple examples we’ve shot using some pretty simple, although granted, not cheap, camera gear. The Panono 360º Camera. You’ll literally have a ‘ball’ with it.
The first example below, is a single image panorama. Try hitting the full screen button to see it at it’s finest. Use your arrow keys to navigate and pinch to zoom on a tablet or trackpad. It’s 8K so if you have a slow connection, it’ll load a low-resolution proxy first. But to experience it in a VR context the example underneath is in faux stereo vision. Grab a pair of VR Goggles. To see it in true stereo, we need to shoot these images with a pair of Panono 360º cameras.
We think this technology has great potential for online experiences where the absence of real life one’s aren’t possible. If you’re a destination type business, this tech is awesome at conveying how good you (should) look. If well lit and staged right, these kinds of interactive shots can be hugely engaging. And after all, aren’t we all in the business of winning eyeballs? Perfect for content and social media marketers.


View with Google Cardboard or any VR Goggle Headset.
Here’s a few more 360º Pano’s – we’ll post a nodal VR of these images soon you can navigate with your VR headset 🙂


Here’s a full list of the current crop of 360º camera’s in the consumer/pro-sumer market place.
We’ll post a related blog article very soon about VR Headsets, Augmented Reality and their potential for educating and engaging audiences.

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