Mar 03, 2018 AUTHOR: Wonderlab
Onboarding Guide for My Whenua, Te Tumu Paeroa’s web portal for māori land management information

Te Tumu Paeroa (the Māori Trustee) tasked us with helping onboard potential and existing clients to their web portal for māori land management information.

Uptake for the service was great at launch, but after the easy-to-reach clients had joined, growth dwindled. Clients who were older and less tech-savvy were reluctant to sign-on.

We helped create both paper based and video material for an older demographic. We worked hard to make sure the steps were as few as possible and crystal clear. Material was produced in both Te Reo and English.

Uptake of the service has taken off since the launch of the new material and the video series is now their most watched on YouTube and Facebook.

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