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Sapere is a leading consultancy service operating across New Zealand and Australia. Recognized for their adept insights and research prowess, they were aware that their website design did not accurately reflect their reputation. While functional, it did little to enhance their brand credibility or convey the depth of their culture and expertise. As a result, they approached Wonderlab to undertake a complete overhaul: restructuring the site, optimizing its content, and ensuring its expression aligned with their values and market expectations. The final result finally does justice to their gravitas and value, providing users with a positively reaffirming experience when accessing their online knowledge.

The objectives

A website design that improves online brand and business credibility. Providing streamlined usability for clients seeking great research while maximising Sapere's opportunities to demonstrate its deep skill set.

The goal

Sapere operates in an extremely competitive market. When your rivals in the field are internationally known household names, you have to present your ‘A’ game. Sapere needed to demonstrate their credibility and reputation in a way that equaled or surpassed their peers.

The process

Sapere understood that they couldn’t simply repackage the old site content. They needed to have a clear picture of their current and future clients, understand their needs, and then present the information clearly and cleanly. We undertook brand workshops, client persona development and needs analysis, wireframing and UI/UX planning and testing, SEO-researched structure/content rewrites, and integrated it all into the final web concepts and brand design.

The deliverables

A site design that is stunningly elegant yet maintains a human and professional touch, featuring a streamlined UI and exceptionally well-structured content that defies its size. It effectively represents Sapere’s people and their skills.


A online presence that Sapere is proud to be represented by.

Improvements to brand expression
(the look)

A website design that fully embodies the Sapere experience and expertise: Well planned, well written, and well structure content, that aids and informs the user. Modern, clean, professional, and set apart from the competition.

Improvements to traffic volumes
(the numbers)

A year-on-year statistical comparison to the previous site showed improvements to:

• Number of page views (from an average of 2 to over 5 per visit)

• User engagement (up over 22% demonstrating improved appropriateness of site content)

• 33% increase to all traffic volumes

• 37% increase to organic traffic volumes

Improvements to come
(the SEO)

Sapere understands that static websites are often overlooked and always under ranked. Together, we are undertaking ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) improvements to ensure their site ranks alongside their competitors. Our monthly reporting highlights actionable tasks they need to undertake to enhance traffic over time, without the need for PPC payments.