Bragato Research Institute


Communication Consultancy, Branding, Campaign Strategy & Design, Digital Design, Illustration, Social Media Strategy, Engagement Strategy, Product Development


Bragato Research Institute (BRI) wanted to drive sales on their new tank capacity while marketing good research practice with NZ wine makers. Wine research is often viewed as inaccessible due to the perceived scale required, and poor timing within a busy annual calendar. Bragato asked for our help to conceptualise an offer in an easy to understand marketing package conveying its accessibility. We developed a brand, product offering and collateral. Luckily wine makers are a hospitable bunch — so how better to reach them than by turning it into a fun, social occasion with a palatable dose of education on the side? Both blue sky thinking and pragmatic process understanding was required. “The Test Case – Research To Go” was born.

The objectives

Start from the ground up with blue sky thinking! Take a conceptual idea for a product to market.

The goal

Develop the product scope: Resolve what exactly is going to be included as part of the product package.

Develop the product brand: Resolve what it’s going to be called, what it’s going to look like.

Develop the promotional marketing: Resolve how to reach a highly defined target audience to inform them of a new product.

The process

Our four step process was utilised.

Discover: Understand the needs of the wine industry, understand the solutions the new product can bring, and tie the two together.

Report & Recommend: Provide blue sky thinking of what the product could become.

Apply: Create a brand that understands current needs but that looks toward the future direction.

Monitor: Assess what changes are needed to keep on course.

The deliverables

A new product brand including:

  • Product resolution
  • Product packaging
  • Marketing & education/information design
  • Gamification and competition development
  • Social media marketing assets
  • EDM campaign
  • Website landing page

A fun and unique marketing kit made up of physical direct mail supported by digital channels.


A whimsical brand with versatility across screen, print, and time. The humour extend to a surprise pop-up box delivered flat in the mail, and golden tickets for a select few.


Great information design that sold difficult science principles simply and effectively.


Highly targeted direct mail campaign to a known client base with a dedicated digital element and landing page.