Health Promotion Agency (now Te Whatu Ora)


UX/UI design, Design system, Digital design, User Testing


The Health Promotion Agency wanted to use an existing health services data set via their API and create an easily re-deployable tool, that could be applied to multiple websites and brands. Wonderlab partnered with Abletech and created a streamlined white label directory that has been rolled out to different Health websites already. The clear and well-thought out UX and simple but effective UI, give it longevity and ensure it works seamlessly.

The objectives

The solution must fit the client, their audience and the brief. Wonderlab helped realise this vision.

Early collaboration

Wonderlab and Abletech reviewed datasets early and the design and development happened in parallel – planning components, exploring interactions, and creating wireframes.

A design system

Designing a user interface that will change from brand application to application was no easy task. It had to be built solidly and from the bottom up – based on best practice web typography, unwaverably systematic – so changing fonts or colour palettes wouldn’t affect accessibility or break the design.

The outcome

Building a fully working prototype, user testing it, completing full development and back-end CMS build with our partners Abletech – AND getting it deployed not once but multiple times in short order was no small feat. But now it can be deployed as and when it’s needed.

Example sites

These are some of the websites that are currently using the directory tool.