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Online rebranding to modernise your organisation when you have a one hundred year heritage needs thoughtful design. That’s why BOTA approached Wonderlab. BOTA needed to look relevant to a new generation of those seeking self-improvement and spiritual online learning. Wonderlab came up with a new web brand that help them standout in a clutter self-help space.

The objectives

Create a new web brand that respectfully compliments an ancient heritage and tradition.

The goal

Be sensitive in your understanding and create a site that resonates with those who are meant to find it.

The process

Combining the visual elements of the past – qabalist iconography and occult symbolism – with evocative photography, to make the concepts attractive for new deep thinkers.

The deliverables

A completely new website that expresses the mystical elegantly and tactfully.


A visually meaningful site that makes seekers question, smile and think "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear..."