Nathan Scott


Branding and Communications, Graphic & Digital Design, Website Design, Marketing, Print, Photography, Digital Marketing


When a Wellington physiotherapist discovered two pieces of health equipment that could revolutionise the physio industry and the treatment of core health issues, he needed some marketing help: With technology so new, how was he going to convince people they should try it? He came to see us at Wonderlab, a Wellington creative brand agency, to help make his dream a reality.

The project

Building a brand identity

Start from scratch

To create a brand from the ground up, starting with choosing a catchy, unique and trademarkable name for the business.

Develop a system

To develop the brand’s graphic design language and imagery, building a system that worked cohesively to educate and entice.

Social media and web design

To employ digital design strategies to encourage consumers to engage with the new business.


Introducing The Coregood Institute

With a lot of hard work (and a few too many coffees!) we created a brand identity for a new business that ticked all the boxes. The Coregood Institute is going strong and has since opened a second clinic.