JNX Sports


Communication Consultancy, Social Media Strategy, Digital Design and Communications, Product Marketing, Typography, Illustration, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Video Editing


Successful NZ brand Cobra Labs was going places. The US in particular. But to sell their high performance sports powders there, they had to change their name without upsetting their loyal following here and overseas. They asked Wonderlab to help migrate their brand to JNX Sport, keep their existing fan base, garner a new social media following and spin-off database.

The objectives

In with the new, but not out with the old

Evolve the brand but focus on the product

Keep it mysterious, anonymous and hard core. Highlight a sense of tribal belonging.

Use the tools

Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and MailChimp were all used to achieve specific marketing aims.

Give away to get back

We ran an all-out competition to mark the brand rollover. Product and branded merchandise giveaways, including a year’s supply of JNX products.


Intense design solution, strong social media strategy

Built a private JNX database for ongoing direct marketing

Using social media and FaceBook Messenger tied to Instagram.

Quick Boost of 12k New Follows

Instagram demands great visual aesthetics. Every. Single. Post.

Achieved brand momentum & growth

The brand was extended into the realm of thrash metal, gothic tattoos and raw typography. But we kept their skulls, lots and lots of skulls.