Kāpiti Coast District Council


Communication Consultancy, Branding, Campaign Strategy & Design, Digital Design, Illustration, Social Media Strategy, Engagement Strategy, Copy Writing


When Kāpiti Coast District Council needed an effective digital media campaign to gain urgent community data, they knew Wonderlab could deliver. They needed 1000 people to complete 1000 long-form surveys to petition central government for regional assistance. A big ask for a short campaign. Wonderlab knew the key to cut through was the right words and images.

The objectives

Cut through the digital noise, engage and gain trust so people will give their time for free.

The goal

Inspire 1000 people to complete a survey about housing. It’s an emotive subject. We wanted to capture a sense of empowerment to spur a good response rate, but we had to remain politically neutral.

The process

Each word matters. Digital campaigns can’t waste words, there isn’t the time or space. Wonderlab chose every word used precisely to drive responses.

The deliverables

A short but intense strategic media campaign run across major digital outlets. A supporting asset toolkit for digital and real world applications.


Budgets were kept and targets were met. Thanks to simple messaging, clear imagery and strategic media buying.

Surveys completed: 1300+

We connected with over 300 more residents than we targeted. Great proof strategic digital media placement works.

Impressions made: 332,732

Even a small budget can have a big impression when a campaign uses digital media  strategically.

Budget kept: 100%

Overspends are a no-no with public money.