Fire and Emergency New Zealand


Communication Consultancy, Internal Communications, Staff Engagement, Illustration, Animation, Iconography Design


Fire and Emergency NZ wanted help developing their internal Maori education and inclusion programme— Hiwa-I-Te-Rangi. How do you communicate important cultural changes to staff regardless of their individual backgrounds and Te Reo skills? With thoughtful story telling, illustrations and symbols…

The objectives

Communicate that different cultures have different lenses through which they view the world.

The goal

Create a suite of highly accessible visual elements to launch Hiwi-I-Te-Rangi, a programme that strengthens FENZ ‘s relationship with Iwi and Māori.

The process

Ask, listen, understand, and understand some more. FENZ’s Māori advisory team collaborated every step of the way.

The deliverables

A beautifully illustrated animation of ‘Maui and the magic of fire’ to explain Māori cultural respect for fire, and an accompanying illustration of a waka journey to explain future plans.


Thoughtful and sensitively executed design communication that was driven by collaboration.

Staff feedback

We are proud to say FENZ staff loved it! Particularly the accessible, non-threatening and non-judgemental approach.

Advisory feedback

“Chuffed!” In as little over a month from launch, 500 people had passed learning the module!

Future feedback

Changing to a ‘new normal’ can take time. Hiwi-I-Te-Rangi has a plan for the next three years. So watch this space for future feedback…

It was extraordinary work - huge thanks Wonderlab NZ!

Nicky Chilton APR, National Manager, Communications and EngagementKaitohu Hoahoa Mātāmua / Principal Advisor, Brand and Design