Ministry for the Environment


Brand & Communication Design, Graphic & Digital Design, Social Media, Video & Email Templates


To allow the Ministry for the Environment to communicate more effectively through its digital marketing channels, Wonderlab was asked to create a unified look and feel, and clear visual cues to ensure better consistency and recognition across the Ministry’s digital communications. Covering everything from EDMs, video, and social media, to animations and infographics. We created a visual design system and supplied a full template toolkit for the client to now manage all content inhouse.

The project

A simple digital toolkit of elements for a highly recognisable digital marketing media presence.

He taiao tōnui mō ngā reanga katoa

A flourishing environment for every generation. Communicating this across all of MFEs channels is no easy task. Representing the many voices under one visual mantle was necessary to ensure the diverse messages didn’t get lost on busy social and digital platforms.

The bubble

We created ‘The bubble’. Designed to echo the Ministry’s logo, it also brings  messaging and visual design full circle. Tying together the whole environment while drawing a focus on each presented theme eg. climate, water, waste etc.

Bring it home

Empowering the Ministry to create consistent visual messaging in its digital channels meant everyday posts and emails needed to be created inhouse. A series of templates, with full instructions were supplied and staff training offered to allow complete ownership of content creation.

The Wonderlab long read on: Digital marketing

Why design toolkits help with brand consistency and digital marketing

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, and staying up-to-date can be a challenge. That’s why many businesses are turning to design toolkits to help them keep their brand consistent and maintain a competitive edge. Here are some of the ways a visual design system or design toolkit can enhance your digital marketing: 

• Improved Brand Cohesion: A good design toolkit will ensure that all of the designs used in your digital marketing efforts make a consistent visual statement about your brand. This provides customers with a familiar and cohesive look that will help build customer loyalty and recognition. 

• Increased Efficiency: Design toolkits provide easy access to pre-made components that you can quickly drag-and-drop into any project – allowing you to quickly create visually appealing designs without having to start from scratch. This saves your team time and energy, while ensuring that you’re creating high-quality materials every time. 

• Simplified Training: When new employees join your team, they don’t have to worry about starting from the ground up to learn how to use your design software. With a well-structured design toolkit, they can quickly hit the ground running and quickly become productive members of your team. 

• Easier Collaboration: If multiple people are working on the same project, a design toolkit makes it easier for everyone to work together. By providing a common language and set of standards, everyone will be on the same page when it comes to design decisions, ensuring that projects move forward more smoothly. 

• Consistent Brand Presence Across Platforms: A strong design toolkit will ensure that your brand has a uniform presence across different platforms, from web and mobile sites to print materials. This increases recognition of your brand and helps you cultivate an audience that knows what to expect from your business no matter where they encounter it. 

Overall, utilizing a design toolkit or visual design system is essential for establishing brand consistency and achieving success in digital marketing. By providing easy access to pre-made components and establishing a common language around design decisions, these systems allow businesses to create unified, eye-catching designs with ease – helping them stay ahead of the competition.