Toka Tū Ake EQC (Earthquake Commission)


Full Brand Development, Brand Story, User Journey Maps, Website Experience Design (UX), Website Development and Design system (UI), Print, Video and Online Promotion Design.


Toka Tū Ake approached website developer, Wonderlab, to help brand and design an online portal for New Zealanders to access information on natural hazards and climate change risks to people and properties across Aotearoa. Looking to the past to better inform the future. Working with the team for almost two years, we created a unique brand and voice, and designed the online tool that allows users to gain insights and build resilience.

The objectives

Create a tool that informs, shares all data in one place, works for humans – and builds resilience.

The brand story

Through a series of client workshops we dug deep. Who is this portal for? What is it actually doing? Why should I care? 6 brand themes were uncovered that guided the whole process: Our data – made accessible; Engineered for insight; Whānau and whenua. We are one; Simply clever, intelligently simple…

The design

After also exploring user personas and their journey maps, the story was translated into its visual expression. Three concentric circles – creating focus and layering data points.  The icon’s simplicity and rounded typeface create a human feel – even while this is all built on lots and lots of data, it’s the benefit it brings to people, that we focus on.

The website

Collaborating with the client’s developer, we set out to create the user experience and a full design system. The Portal has an intricate map system that allows users to drill down into more and more detailed information. Telling the full hazard story around it, gives context to the data.


"Massive thanks to the whole Wonderlab team – all the styley elements of the site are completely down to you guys! To say nothing of the awesome collateral, so in love with the wallet cards, and the banners are proudly displayed in our reception!" Jo Horrocks, Chief Resilience & Research Officer EQC