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After 60+ years as Fraser Brown and Stratmore it was time for a change, to show the market who they really were: Leaders and standard setters for an entire industry. A no nonsense brand was needed. They came to Wellington graphic design agency, Wonderlab to create a brand that would translate across clothing, buildings, vehicles and packaging.

The objectives

Reinvigorate credibility and revitalise brand design.

The goal

Reposition as bespoke solution providers not just concrete product makers, and make the name change a smooth transition.

The process

Conveying a story about Stratmore’s value and uniqueness with a striking logo design. A constructed device symbolic and purpose built, well suited for the construction industry. A quality mark.

The outcome

Not only did customers respond positively to the change, but the internal team felt a pride that had long been absent. The new brand design helped simplify the teams focus and brought clarity to their mission. Communication across Stratmore’s product range was greatly streamlined and industry recognition was finally commensurate with their true status as leaders.