Ministry for the Environment


Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Design, UX & UI


As a flagship report for the Ministry for the Environment, ‘Environment Aotearoa 2019’ had to be accessible online/digitally, and via traditional printed document. The report needed to be housed within the ministry’s existing website and be easily navigable and fully responsive. So Wonderlab digital design reated a modern UI that felt fresh and innovative, and let readers quickly find their way.

The objectives

Making joint reporting more visibly engaging and accessible online

The project

Design an online platform to house the full Environment Aotearoa Report. Make it accessible on various devices. Make it printable. Allow readers to skim read as well as dive in deep.

The process

As content was going to be edited to the last moment, we created a fully fledged digital design system. These ‘building blocks’ allowed for all content types to be populated as they became ready. Smart online tools made sharing designs with the client for live comment and collaboration a breeze.

The outcome

The comprehensive and flexible digital design system made the publication of large quantities of content – including text, diagrams, images, charts, and infographics – easy. The result was very coherent document despite the necessity of its disorderly construction!