Fire and Emergency New Zealand


Communication Consultancy, Brand Design Continuity, Print Design, Information Design, Traditional Typesetting, Print Prepress and Management.


Fire and Emergency New Zealand Produce large numbers of publications, both internally and externally.  When the documents are lengthy, or when they are time critical, they turn to Wonderlab for accessible design and ease of production. Fire and Emergency trust that their corporate brand design guidelines will be carefully adhered to. Consistency and accessible design are key to good communication.

The objectives

Clarify Fire and Emergency's what, who, how and why. Meet reporting obligations. Make it accessible, clear, seamless, make it happen.

The goal

Essential reporting completed with a clear understanding of the corporate brand design requirements and accessible information.

The process

Understand the brand design guidelines, understand the written content and draw the two together for great presentation of detailed information.

The deliverables

Clean page layouts, accessibly designed with clear info-graphics document after document after document.


Consistent delivery that's on brand, report after report, with great looking, accessible information you want to read.

The Wonderlab Long Read on Brand Design Guidelines for Long Form Documents

How to Manage Brand Design Guidelines when Creating Corporate Documents

Publishing multiple long form documents doesn’t have to be a chaotic or time-consuming process. Here are just a few reasons why using a professional graphic designer with well-built systems and processes in place, as well as experience following brand guidelines, is essential to streamlining this process:

• Consistency: Brand compliance and visual coherence can be achieved when leveraging the expertise of a professional designer. Systematic design decisions can be applied across multiple documents, resulting in a consistent and recognisable look and feel.

• And Inconsistency: Sometimes the rules need to be broken to help with clarity of communication. Even the best brand design guidelines in the world can’t encorporate every communication eventuality. A professional graphic designer knows when to cheat but still maintain the overall visual integrity of the brand design.

• Efficiency: Automated tools like Adobe InCopy allow for rapid in-house editing and development of documents, eliminating the need for multiple PDF versions. Leveraging a professional also allows for a streamlined production cycle, allowing you to meet deadlines more quickly and easily.

• Quality: Professional designers have experience with the latest design trends and technologies, meaning the end product is of the highest quality. Attention to detail, particularly when it comes to typesetting, laying out, and colours, will ensure that the documents look more polished and professional than if done in house.

Working with a professional graphic designer is an invaluable resource when it comes to quickly and accurately publishing multiple long form documents with uniform brand design.