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An attractive and trustworthy web presence is a must have when you are dealing with the latest medical technology. Revascular needed to reassure and educate the public on their services with a total web review and brand refresh. It started consulting on a good SEO strategy.

The objectives

Design good SEO strategy into the heart of the website form the very start.

The goal

Searching for medical knowledge online is commonplace. Accurate knowledge online is harder to find. Provide clear information that ranks highly on search engine pages.

The process

A collaboration with their content writer, and our SEO consultant and brand strategists. Well researched SEO keywords were woven through the site from the outset. Well thought out brand elements were used to give the content gravitas.

The deliverables

A completely new website with a prominent healthcare questionnaire designed to fast track patient access to their services. Ongoing monthly SEO monitoring with action recommendations to consistently give good Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) and traffic volumes.


A website that was an accurate and credible source of information whilst being easy to find thanks to the thorough and ongoing SEO strategies and monitoring.

160% user engagement improvement

Visitors were engaged with the site for a fantastic average of 40 minutes a session, (up from an average of 15 minutes the year prior). Proving that regularly posted, keyword targeted blog content was a highly effective tool in achieving customer cut through.

210% increase in total traffic volume, 500% increase in organic traffic volume

When comparing July 2023 to the previous July the organic traffic increase was staggering. This shows that utilising a good ongoing SEO strategy pays off.

5x the backlinks and x2 times higher CRO

Revascular now outperforms all its like competitors for backlinks (5 times the number) and ranking keywords (3 times the number). Clients also convert at x2-3 times their previous rate driving up the sites CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation).

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A good SEO consultant doesn’t just fix and forget

Good SEO strategic practices should be built into the foundation of any new website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long game – something that needs to be monitored, maintained, and updated on a regular basis. With the right knowledge and dedication, anyone can design an SEO strategy that will yield long-term results.

Before embarking on any SEO project, an in-depth market analysis is essential. Once you understand your target audience, you need to create a keyword list that focuses on specific keywords related to your product or service offering. This list will help you prioritize the content you use for your website and ensure that your pages are being found by the search engines that your potential customers are most likely to use.

Having an effective site map is another essential element of SEO success. A well thought out, organized, and descriptive site map allows for maximum crawlability and visibility. Additionally, it is important to use a combination of alt-text, title tags, keyword phrases, and URLs to ensure that your website is being indexed properly and achieving favorable rankings.

Not only is linking important for effectively promoting your website content, but it is also essential for generating long-term SEO success. Link building should be done in moderation and should include other reputable websites and quality sources. When combined with other SEO tactics, link building can contribute towards higher search engine rankings and increased website traffic.

Finally, it is important to regularly review your analytics data to monitor any changes in traffic and see what changes you may need to make. In addition to tracking keywords used for finding your website and other search engine metrics, you should also monitor your competitor websites and see what changes they have made that could benefit your strategies.

Overall, good SEO strategic practices should be incorporated into the design of any new website in order to maximize its chance of success. It takes planning, implementation, and monitoring of a variety of data points to ensure optimal performance – but this effort can ultimately pay dividends with increased visibility, traffic, and conversions.