A website designed by Wonderlab, Wellington

Taking ancient learning online for personal growth

Desktop screen displaying animated work by web design agency Wonderlab.

Combining UI, UX, SEO for web design WOW!

Office design showing application of a new brand identity by design company Wonderlab

Brand marketing and finding your ‘why?’

Examples of a social media campaign for a mobile phone, by Wonderlab

Engaging the public on their power bills

Logo with a cat designed by branding company Wonderlab

Digital ad campaign – fast!

Outlines of people walking, part of a social media brand by Wonderlab

Brand Workshops Work!

Typography close up By graphic designers Wonderlab

Identity toolkit for diversity and longevity

Vintage tractor image chosen by Wonderlab for a wine brand

We love wine (brands)

Two tablets displaying web design, by web brand agency Wonderlab.

Process led design systems

Laptop displaying web design created by brand designers Wonderlab

A logo is not a brand