Crystal clear digital design for Welly Water

Phones showing a mobile friendly web design examples by Wonderlab

Very accessible web design

Social engagement advertising examples across various media, for Better Housing and by comms strategists Wonderlab.

Helping with housing through digital media

Illustration of a landscape created by Wellington digital agency, Wonderlab

The mahi of cultural change

Examples of a social media campaign for a mobile phone, by Wonderlab

Engaging the public on their power bills

Page from a book with photography, graphs and text, by Wellington graphic designers Wonderlab.

Shaking Up Corporate Reporting

Hands holding a tablet with information design, by print and digital creatives Wonderlab

Social engagement into the future

Logo with a cat designed by branding company Wonderlab

Digital ad campaign – fast!

Illustration of people standing by a river, part of a public engagement campaign by Wonderlab

Communicating complexity with animation

Glowing eyes of a skull used for a social media campaign by Wonderlab

How to build a social media tribe