Illustration of a group of people on a bridge over a river.

Crystal clear digital design for Welly Water

Street flag design by creative agency Wonderlab

Designing for families – a logo fit for fun

A website designed by Wonderlab, Wellington

Taking ancient learning online for personal growth

Phones showing a mobile friendly web design examples by Wonderlab

Very accessible web design

Illustration of people standing by a river, part of a public engagement campaign by Wonderlab

Communicating complexity with animation

Mobile phone friendly brand design by Wonderlab

A digital design toolkit for the environment

Examples of a social media campaign for a mobile phone, by Wonderlab

Engaging the public on their power bills

Typography close up By graphic designers Wonderlab

Identity toolkit for diversity and longevity

Hands holding a tablet with information design, by print and digital creatives Wonderlab

Social engagement into the future

Glowing eyes of a skull used for a social media campaign by Wonderlab

How to build a social media tribe