Hands holding a tablet with information design, by print and digital creatives Wonderlab

Social engagement into the future

Logo with a cat designed by branding company Wonderlab

Digital ad campaign – fast!

Outlines of people walking, part of a social media brand by Wonderlab

Brand Workshops Work!

Typography close up By graphic designers Wonderlab

Identity toolkit for diversity and longevity

Vintage tractor image chosen by Wonderlab for a wine brand

We love wine (brands)

Mobile friendly EDM example by communication strategists Wonderlab

Engaging staff across Aotearoa

Two tablets displaying web design, by web brand agency Wonderlab.

Process led design systems

Illustration, Te reo text and photography closeup for a public awareness campaign by marketing strategists Wonderlab

Viral videos and social media marketing

Photoshopped dancer in motion with typography overlaid, part of a Wonderlab arts ad promotion.

Cut through design and promotion

Mobile friendly web design examples by Wonderlab

Great web design for great leaders