Oct 09, 2015 AUTHOR: Wonderlab
Good things take time…

It really is just as they say: “Good things take time…” After many months of working away, Wonderlab is finally up and running! We are super excited to tell the world all about it. If you have known us as Neogine, we are happy to inform you that besides a name and website change you won’t need to get used to too many other differences. Same people, same office – just much more opportunity.

‘Neogine’ has served us well for almost 20 years, but with our work continuously covering a broader scope it was high time for a fresh-up.

Wonderlab’s focus is still brand and that unique story at the heart of every organisation. The roll-out from there has broadened – including more and more moving images and digital solutions.

We look forward to sharing more soon. And once again – a wholehearted welcome to Wonderlab!

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